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Sensitive care from Knutsford Vets

The hardest part of owning an animal is making decisions on their care and sadly sometimes making the difficult decision to put our pets to sleep (euthanasia).

Here at Knutsford Veterinary Surgery we know and understand that your pets are a big part of your family and we are here to support and guide you when you need us.

In caring for our pets sometimes it comes to a point where we feel they aren’t as happy as they used to be or that their quality of life is not as good as we hope for them. There are often things that the vets can do to help you discuss these concerns and improve your pets quality of life, but if together with discussion with you the decision is made to put them to sleep we want you to be as informed as possible and for your pet to be as comfortable as possible.

Euthanasia services from your Cheshire Vets

The euthanasia can occur either at home or at the practice. If you would prefer this to be done at home we ask you to call the practice and we will arrange a suitable time, we always endeavour to arrange euthanasia at the practice during quiet times. The vet will discuss with you arrangements and you can decide to stay with your pet during the process or if you feel more comfortable saying goodbye to your pet before they pass away, you can leave them with your vet and our caring nurse.

Some owners find it easier if they know exactly what to expect before this procedure. In most cases a catheter is placed into a vein with a nurse holding your pet, this then allows you to hold onto your pet if you want to whilst the injection is administered. Sometimes a sedative injection is given to calm a patient before this is performed.

Within a few seconds of the injection being given your pet will feel sleepy like they are having an anaesthetic, shortly after this breathing ceases and then the heart stops. Your vet and nurse will monitor closely, inform you when this has occurred and then quietly lay your pet down to sleep. Some people wish to spend some time with their pet afterwards, some people want to leave, and we encourage you to do what you feel comfortable with.

Euthanasia at home

When it comes to putting your pet to sleep we like to do everything we can to make both you and your pet comfortable. For some pets that can often mean performing euthanasia in the home environment where they are most comfortable. It will allow your pet to be surrounding by its loving family, in their favourite room and with their favourite blankets. To find out if this is an option for your pet, ask in surgery or contact our friendly team. Visit the home visits page to find out more.

Following Euthanasia – What to do next

After your pet has passed away there are three choices with what to do afterwards:

Home burial – some people prefer to take their pet home to lay to rest in their favourite part of the garden.

Communal Cremation – your pet will be taken for cremation along with other pets, the ashes are scattered in a memorial garden.

Individual Cremation – your pet will be individually cremated and you will receive their ashes, either in a casket or something more suitable to scatter.

We all want our furry family members to be there forever and coping with their loss can be very difficult. People respond to this loss in different ways, if we can be of any support or help please do ring us to talk.

The Pet Bereavement Support Service has been established by the BlueCross to help owners through this process, they are available on 0800 096 6606.








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