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The team at Knutsford Veterinary Surgery are well trained to handle every eventuality, but that doesn’t mean they’ve seen it all. Working around the clock to offer veterinary support to pets across Cheshire, they’re well accustomed to dealing with extraordinary cases. From freak injuries playing fetch to diagnosing life threatening conditions in the nick of time, these case studies highlights just some of the success stories to come out of the surgery.

Read the range of case studies from your vets in Cheshire

Poppy’s New home

When I first arrived here at Knutsford Veterinary Surgery we had a stray rabbit found in an open field nearby that was looking for a new home. Poppy was initially nicknamed ‘houdini’ in the practice due to his escaping abilities. One of our lovely clients heard about our stray and opted to offer him a

Knutsford vets save Staffie cross from Blue-green algae

Blue-Green Algae (BGA) can produce fatal toxins and is found in fresh water, including local dog walking spot Tatton Mere, as well as in brackish and marine bodies of water. There are many species of BGA, some of which will produce a variety of toxic compounds that can affect nerves and the liver. The toxins

Vets in Cheshire fix retriever Max back to health

  Late last year Max, a nine month old golden retriever x flat coat retriever, stopped being his usual very bouncy self. He was lethargic, reluctant to eat or drink, and held his neck rigidly with a very anxious look upon his face, particularly when anyone approached him. Max’s owners were advised to bring him

A lucky catch on Bonfire Night for Whiz & Knutsford Vets

On Bonfire Night last year, the Knutsford Veterinary Surgery Team were on a staff night out to watch the fireworks at Boothes Hall when they got a panicked emergency call. Whiz, a 14 year old Jack Russell, was on a walk around the nearby fishing lake and came across a discarded fishing line (with bait)

A sticky end to a game of fetch…

Pepper, an Australian Cattle Dog, presented to Knutsford Vets late one April evening with excessive salivation that had first been noticed three hours before. In addition she held her neck outstretched and could not be tempted with food. Her family had recently relocated from down under and were very concerned that she may have been

When a late night walk turned into a visit to the vets in Cheshire

A late evening walk for Belle and her owner Jonathan over Knutsford heath came to a horrific halt when she was hit by a car on Manchester Road. Angela Carroll saw the accident and helped administer first-aid before kindly whisking her and Mr Metcalfe straight to Knutsford Veterinary Surgery. Thankfully, Paul and Catherine (Knutsford Vets’ Specialist

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