COVID-19: Information on how we are consulting, including if you have been contacted by NHS Track & Trace.
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Updated: 23/10/2020

If you have been contacted by NHS Track & Trace as a close contact of a confirmed COVID-19 case or you are self isolating because you have symptoms of COVID-19 it is illegal to attend the surgery. If your pet requires veterinary attention, please follow this clear advice.

If your appointment is a non-emergency

If it is not an emergency, please rearrange your appointment for a date following your mandatory period of self isolation. Non emergency appointments include vaccinations, neutering and anything where delaying your appointment will not seriously impact your pet’s welfare.

Self isolating without symptoms

If you are contacted by NHS Test & Trace it is illegal to visit the surgery under any circumstances, whether you have symptoms or not. If your pet is ill and requires an appointment you must arrange for someone else to bring your pet to the surgery. We would prefer that this is someone outside of your home. If you cannot arrange for someone else to bring your pet in these circumstances please contact the surgery to find a suitable solution.

If you have symptoms

If you have symptoms of COVID-19, both you and anyone you live with must self isolate. Do not under any circumstances attend the surgery. If your pet falls ill and it is an emergency, please contact the surgery to arrange the most suitable solution for your pet’s health, whilst respecting the health of our staff. We reserve the right to report anyone who attends the surgery under these circumstances to the local authorities and will do so if our team are endangered.

How we’re currently operating…

Throughout the pandemic, the team at Knutsford Vets have remained committed to providing top class care to pets across the region. As things return closer to normality, we’re able to provide a wider range of services to pets, but we’ll continue to follow government and veterinary industry advice. On this page you’ll find more information on the range of services that we’re offering and how we’re going above and beyond to deliver Gold Standard care whilst maintaining social distancing protocols.

Booking An Appointment

We’re currently operating a telephone triage system on our phones. This is to ensure that those most in need of an appointment are seen quickly and anything that doesn’t require an appointment can be dealt with over the phone.

Contactless Consulting

At Knutsford Vets, we’re always looking for innovative ways to ensure your pet gets the care they need, even during the pandemic. We’ve invested in iPads to carry out video consultations whilst you’re in the car waiting.

Current Services

We’re now offering a wide range of preventative healthcare services as well as urgent appointments. There are however a small number of services we aren’t currently able to offer. You can find out more below.

Booking your appointment…

Although we’re now offering a wider range of services, we still have a restricted amount of consultations available and a high demand for appointments. For this reason, we’re continuing with our telephone triage system. This ensures that we see the pets that are most in need of our attention as soon as possible. It also ensures that we reduce unnecessary consultations by providing you and your pet with a more convenient solution over the phone if one is available.

Book Your Appointment

Book your appointment as normal using either the online booking button at the top of your screen or by calling the surgery.

Telephone Triage

A member of our veterinary team may contact you to find out more about your case and to see if the problem can be solved over the phone.

Attend Your Appointment

If no solution is available, you can attend the surgery for your appointment. We’re now carrying out vaccinations and neutering.

Alternative Service

We can post medications to your door or if your concern is more straightforward a nurse appointment may be the best option if available.

Book an appointment online today

Contactless consulting…

Throughout the pandemic we’ve continued to innovate the way that we do things to ensure we continue to offer your pet the same Gold Standard care that you’ve come to expect. We’re still following government and industry advice to reduce the amount of face to face contact we have with clients, but we’ve invested in new technology to ensure we can deliver that all important personal touch. Here’s what we’ll be doing…


Designated Bays

We now have three designated bays at the surgery. When you arrive, follow the instructions on the banners and text us on the number provided.


Pet Collection

A member of our friendly team will collect your pet from the car park and bring it back to the surgery. We’ll leave you a tablet to carry out your consultation.


Face-to-face from your car

Whilst you’re sat in your car you’ll be connected to your veterinary surgeon as they treat your pet and take their medical history, just like you’re in the room.


Cashless Payment

Once we’ve completed the consultation we’ll return your pet and take payment by card whilst you wait in the car. You can then be on your way.

Current services…

As lockdown eases, our service offering continues to be extended. We’re now carrying out a wider range of appointments, including vaccinations and neutering. We’ll also be continuing to see more pets with minor symptoms alongside any more urgent cases.

If you require a service that’s not on the list, just contact us and we’ll be sure to do whatever we can to help.



Sick Pet Consultations

Core Services

Currently Available…

  • Emergency Consultations where your pet is in serious pain or discomfort
  • Primary and core vaccinations. (Kennel cough can be included alongside these).
  • Neutering appointments, included initial consultations
  • Assessing lumps and bumps following telephone triage
  • Conjunctivitis and other minor symptoms
  • Euthanasia and end of life care
  • Repeat prescriptions (telephone order for collection or posting)
  • Parasite Treatments (For collection or delivery)

Not Available…

  • Nail Clipping (These can be booked at The Pet Retreat alongside any full groom)
  • Routine anal gland expression where there is no clinical requirement
  • Free six month check-up where there is no immediate concern
  • Routine weight clinic
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