Aside from preventing breeding, both cat neutering and dog neutering can have multiple benefits including preventing illnesses from developing and stopping unwanted behaviours. Knutsford Veterinary Surgery are experts in cat and dog neutering, and we can advise you on the most appropriate time to neuter your animal, as well as the various other factors that you’ll have to consider.Dog neutering Manchester. A cute golden retriever dog, isolated on a white studio background

Benefits – Dog Neutering and Cat Neutering:

  • Neutering prevents the risk of cancers and infections within the reproductive organs, including the testicles for males and the uterus and ovaries for females.
  • Reducing the risk of mammary cancer in bitches spayed before their third season.
  • In males, both cat and dog neutering can reduce territorial urine marking and roaming.
  • The castration of male cats reduces fighting and therefore infected wounds, abcesses and FIV infection.
  • Neutering will prevent your female cat or dog coming into season and therefore avoid them attracting unwanted male attention that can often be embarrassing for the owner and stressful for the pet.
  • Prevention of phantom pregnancies (aka false pregnancy) which is common in entire females and can occur after a season. During a phantom pregnancy owners may see milk produced from the mammary glands, a reduction in appetite and behavioural changes.
  • Unspayed female animals can be messy when in season with bleeding often lasting a number of weeks, neutering will prevent this.

Neutering Services at Knutsford Vets

For information and quotes on having your cat or dog neutered you can contact us on 01565 337 999. For discounts on your neutering surgery, you can have a look at our Healthy Pet Club plans which include vaccinations and other benefits in your puppy’s early years.