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Thank you for entrusting the care of your pet with Knutsford Veterinary Surgery.

“Knutsford Veterinary Surgery” is the trading name of the company [Paws Direct Limited, company number 07856473, with the registered office address: Knutsford Veterinary Surgery, Fryers Nursery, Manchester Road, Knutsford, Cheshire, WA16 0SX].

By accepting these conditions you are confirming that:

  1. you are over 18 years of age;
  2. each time you bring to your pet to us, you consent to the care, treatment, procedures and / or medication we decide is necessary for the health, well being and best interest of your pet; and
  3. you have the means to, and shall, pay your full account before leaving the surgery.

Treatment and Advice

Where reasonably possible we will discuss the health and condition of your pet and any symptoms, injuries, findings, probable diagnosis and proposed treatment, procedure and / or medication with you in advance of implementing the same. The appropriateness of the degree of information we are able to share in relation to your pet will vary in each circumstance, depending usually on the severity (how important or critical the health impact is for your pet), urgency (how fast the action should and can be carried out for your pet) and the information readily available.


Fees charged are determined by the time spent and drugs, consumables and equipment used in each procedure. All fees are subject to VAT at the current rate.

The person presenting the animal at the surgery is, and agrees that they are, responsible for, and are capable of, settling any fees incurred prior to leaving the surgery.

An estimate may be given for all procedures on request. Please note that any estimate given is based on the planned treatment involved however costs may vary where unexpected or additional treatment is required and may exceed the estimate given.

Where possible, we try to advise clients when an invoice is becoming significantly greater than the estimate. In a clinical emergency this may not always be immediately possible. In these circumstances, the presenting person agrees they shall be fully liable for total costs incurred and payment of the same prior to leaving the surgery.

If your animal is hospitalised for treatment please feel free to telephone for daily updates of your account.

Payment Terms

All accounts are payable at the time of treatment or on collection of the animal. Accounts may be settled by:

  • Cash
  • Credit or debit card.
  • We are unable to accept cheques.

Products that have not been paid for may only be released at the discretion of the Head Vet for medical reasons.

Settlement Terms

In the unusual event of an account not being paid for at the time of treatment, we will send out a hard copy invoice as soon as reasonably practicable by first class post.  This may incur further charges for administrative cost and postage costs and fees involved. The total sum of the invoice shall be due and owing upon receipt and shall be paid within [10] working days of the date on the face of the invoice. After the [10] working day period has expired, then the total invoice sum shall attract an interest rate of 8% plus the Bank of England base rate which shall accumulate and compound on a daily basis.

If the account remains unpaid for [28] days from the date on the face of the invoice, the account will be referred to a Debt Collection Agency or County Court. All and any further charges, fees, costs (including legal costs) and expenses incurred in the collection of the debt shall also be paid by you (as well as the total sum of the invoice plus all interest accrued).

Any credit card payment not honoured and any cash found to be counterfeit will result in the original account being restored and further charges being made in respect of both bank charges and administrative costs and expenses. In such an event, the process outlined above shall then apply with an invoice being issued by us by first class post etc.

Ownership of records

Case records, including radiographs are the property of Knutsford Veterinary Surgery. Copies of clinical notes may be passed on to another veterinary surgeon taking over a case upon request once any outstanding monies have been paid. If specifically requested, copies of relevant clinical records (or a case summary) and x-rays will be made available to a client, however we reserve the right to charge a fee commensurate with their reproduction and this service is at the sole discretion of Knutsford Veterinary Surgery.


Clients should be aware that prescription only medication (POM’S) may be purchased from the practice, another veterinary surgeon or through an online pharmacy, who stocks the appropriate medication. Upon request, Knutsford Veterinary Surgery are happy to inform you of the price of any medicine.

If you wish to have a written prescription instead of purchasing the medication from us, then we are more than happy to provide you with this, but there will be a small charge of £17.33 per item to pay to issue the prescription needed. A prescription may not be appropriate if your animal is being treated as an in-patient or immediate treatment is necessary.

UK prescription rules and Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons Codes of conduct require that we only provide medications, or issue prescriptions, for animals under our care

If your pet requires regular medication for a longstanding medical condition we are therefore obliged to examine your pet at regular, usually three monthly intervals (to conform to the British Veterinary Association). This will vary with each individual case and condition being treated. Repeat medication examinations are usually charged at a rate of £39.60.

All prescription requests both written and for purchase should be requested 24 hours prior to collection.

Off-license medication

There are certain situations where the best treatment for your pet may require the use of medicines which do not hold an appropriate licence for the species concerned. We might therefore, recommend using such a medicine “off-license” but these will prescribed in accordance with the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons “cascade” rules. The cascade is a sequence that all veterinary surgeons must follow when treating animals.

Each vet must firstly look for:

  • alternative medicines that are used in other animal species for the same condition,
  • then medicines for different conditions in the same species, and
  • finally medication authorized for human use.

There are a lot of human medicines that are extremely useful in the treatment of pets. Most of these medicines have been in general veterinary use for years (for example: antihistamines, adrenaline, aspirin, digoxin, diazepam and pain killers etc.) and there are documented dose rates and they are known to be safe.

Our use of off-license medication will be based upon our knowledge of the use in animals and an assessment of the risks and benefits involved. These medicines will only be used when they are indicated and deemed necessary and no licensed alternative exists. Due to the cost of obtaining a licence for full use in a particular species, there are only a few drugs actually licensed for use in the smaller and exotic pets (e.g. birds, insects, rabbits and reptiles etc.).

The consent form we will ask you to sign for treatments for your pets gives a life-long agreement for the use of off license and unlicensed products (to save you having to sign a form every time your pet is treated).   If you require further re-assurance about the new consent form or a particular recommendation we make for your pet please ask to speak to one of the Vets.

Out of Hours Treatment

Outside of normal surgery hours, please telephone 01565 337999 and you will automatically be diverted to the duty vet.

Telephone calls and emails

All inbound and outbound telephone calls and emails are recorded for quality and training and purposes and where relevant form part of the clinical record.

Hospitalisation of animals over night

We believe clients have a right to know the level of care their animals have access to whilst hospitalised overnight or at the weekend at our veterinary surgery. Knutsford Veterinary Surgery has no dedicated night time veterinary staff. If an animal requires hospitalisation and we believe full time care is necessary we may recommend facilitating transport, if appropriate, to a local referral centre for relevant monitoring and treatment. However if only intermittent night time or weekend care is necessary we will advise you of how frequently your animal will be visited. If we believe an animal’s condition will not deteriorate without direct attention then we will advise you of this on hospitalising your animal over night or at the weekend.


Knutsford Veterinary Surgery strongly supports the principle of insuring your pet against unexpected illness or injury. Please ask for details about insurance from any member of staff.

If you have insurance cover for veterinary fees in relation to this pet, please contact your insurance company and let them know your animal has been referred. Please note, it is your responsibility to both:

be aware and /or check in advance the validity, applicability and extent of insurance cover you have in place; and

settle your full account at the time of treatment and then you may reclaim the fees, or such portion of them, from your Insurance Company.

We will endeavour to assist with this by completing any necessary insurance documents for an insurance administration fee which shall be added to your account. Please bring all the relevant paperwork with you when you collect your animal.

Direct Insurance Claims

At the discretion of the Practice a claim direct to your insurer may be offered. This facility is only available for fees over £500, of which a £250 deposit is required at the point of treatment. The facility does not extend to ongoing medication or treatment.

Non discrimination policy

Discrimination is the differential treatment of an individual based upon their membership of a particular group (real or perceived) rather than based on their personal merit. One form that discrimination may take is harassment. Discrimination also includes the failure to reasonably accommodate the special needs of an individual or group unless that accommodation would create an undue hardship for Knutsford Veterinary Surgery.

It is our policy to provide equal services and consideration to all staff, clients or any other persons that may enter the premises, without regard to: race, colour, disability, religion, sex, age, sexuality. No person shall be excluded from participation in, or be denied the benefits of any service.

We will take any allegation of discrimination seriously. We will listen to our complaint sympathetically and record it thoroughly. If you believe you have been discriminated against, bring it to the attention a Veterinary Surgeon. The complaint will be kept as confidential as is possible and will be dealt with promptly.

Customer Feedback

We look forward to working with you to keep your pet healthy and happy but, if at any time you have concerns or suggestions, please do not hesitate to contact Knutsford Veterinary Surgery. We actively welcome your feedback and can assure you that any issues raised will be appropriately addressed.

Complaints Procedure

We aim to provide the best level of care and service for you and your animals and hope that you never have cause to complain however, if at any time you are not happy with any aspect of our service please inform us at the time so that we may rectify the matter as soon as possible.

If we are unable to come to a satisfactory outcome and you feel that the matter has not been rectified we would ask you to notify us in writing. All complaints should be directed to Dr Paul Adams MRCVS, Knutsford Veterinary Surgery, Fryer’s Nursery, Manchester Road, Knutsford, Cheshire, WA16 0SX.

Upon receipt of your letter one of our team will investigate the details of your particular case and respond accordingly to you. Although we always endeavour to respond to a complaint within 7 working days of receipt sometimes this is not possible. In such an instance a member of the team will contact you to update you on the progress of your complaint.

Variation of Terms and Conditions

No addition or variation of the terms and conditions may be made without prior agreement with the management at Knutsford Veterinary Surgery.


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