Top class care in your own home

By booking an appointment with The Roaming Vet your pet will receive the same gold standard of care that they receive in the surgery in the comfort of their own home. What’s more, the home vets visits service allows you to fit your pets care around your own schedule and circumstances.

The mobile vets can use the best techniques and treatment to diagnose any issues that you might have noticed in your pet and decide on the best course of treatment for them. Below we’ve outlined what you can expect from your home consultation.

To book a home visit vets appointment in Cheshire contact us today on 01565 337888 or send us a message from our contact page. You can also find out more about the other services that we offer from The Roaming Vet services page.

Home vet visit consultation process

Each consultation in the home lasts for approximately 30 minutes, during this time your mobile vet will assess the following things:

  1. A discussion to establish how your pet is and the nature of any clinical problem or concern that you have.
  2. Observation of your pet interacting with the environment and a period of getting to know us.
  3. General body condition assessment – this includes body condition scoring and assessment of your pet’s weight.
  4. Examination for parasites, skin and coat condition. Including examination and measurement of any lumps or bumps.
  5. Examination of the eyes, ears, and nose.
  6. Mouth examination checking individual teeth, gum health and for signs of tartar or infection.
  7. Examination of external lymph nodes
  8. Auscultation of the chest including lung fields and heart examination along with palpation of pulses.
  9. Palpation of the organs of the abdomen
  10. Palpation and manipulation of all legs
  11. Measurement of your pet’s temperature if required

Your vet will focus on any problem areas you are concerned about and discuss the reason for the consultation. However, a home visit vet consultation can often be a good opportunity to give your pet a full health check to ensure they don’t have any unnoticed ailments or issues. 

      Areas covered in Cheshire include: Lymm, Hale, Bowdon, Wilmslow, Holmes Chapel, Mobberley and Alderley Edge.