One of the most difficult parts of pet ownership is when the time comes, making the right decision to put your pet to sleep (euthanasia). Though a heartbreaking decision, our pets are dependant on us to ensure their health and well-being and at all times prevent suffering, making this final decision is usually the kindest thing we can do for them.

Our vets will discuss everything with you and help support you in making the best decision for your pet, providing compassionate care to ensure a dignified end for your well-loved pet. Often visiting the vets for this final goodbye can be very stressful and some people prefer this to be performed at home where the pet is at ease in familiar surroundings, we are equipped and experienced to be able to perform euthanasia at home.

What to expect?

Some people find it a comfort to know exactly how the procedure will be performed before the appointment.

  • Our vets will arrange a time that is suitable for you and your family.
  • Our vet will come to you at home, in a room of your choice.
  • An intravenous catheter is often placed to administer an injection of an overdose of anaesthetic, this painless injection allows your pet to peacefully go to sleep.
  • You will be able to stay with your pet and talk to them to reassure them throughout.
  • If your pet is anxious then a sedative will be used to relax and calm them.

What happens after?

  • You can decide to bury your pet in their favourite place in the garden.
  • If you wish we can organise cremation of your pet, you can decide to have their individual ashes returned back in a casket or a scatter pouch.

Some people find the loss of their pet too hard to manage, we completely understand the pain and upset that losing a family member has. We are able to put you in touch with a pet bereavement counsellor if you feel it would help you and your family.

      Areas covered include: Lymm, Hale, Bowdon, Wilmslow, Holmes Chapel, Mobberley and Alderley Edge.