Pregnancy Diagnosis

Breeding from your dog or cat can be an exciting yet anxious time for you and your family. Our vets offer pregnancy diagnosis via ultrasound which can be performed in the comfort of your own home. This ensures that the awaiting mother is not placed under any unnessary stress, in particular if they are an uncomfortable traveller. You can book an ultrasound pregnancy diagnosis from The Roaming Vet by contacting us today.

How does ultrasound diagnose pregnancy?

In order to perform pregnancy diagnosis we need to shave a small patch of fur from your pet’s abdomen otherwise the ultrasound waves will not pass into the abdomen to provide us with a view of the fetuses. With your pet standing or lay down our vets gently use the ultrasound probe to assess the uterus for pregnancy. Once fetuses are found, the heart rate and fetal size can be assessed to ensure the fetuses are developing properly.

Pregnancy diagnosis using ultrasound is usually performed 35 days after mating. If performed earlier than this a false negative result can occur, whilst performing it later can make it challenging to assess the larger fetuses. Ultrasound is an inaccurate method of assessing the number of fetuses in a litter, some studies have found it to be only 18% accurate with declining accuracy the further along in gestation. For this reason, vets will not give you a firm number on the size of a litter.

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