Vaccination of your dog, cat or rabbit is important to protect them against infectious diseases that they can develop. We only vaccinate against diseases that cause a problem in the UK and without which we would see more affected pets. These contagious diseases can be picked up from the environment where other animals have been or through direct contact with infected animals which may not be showing any signs of illness.

Though we have standard vaccination protocols in place, each pet is assessed on an individual basis to provide them with sufficient cover for the diseases they are likely to contract, whilst avoiding over-vaccinating your pet.

It is important that your pet is healthy at the time of vaccination so that the immune system does its job in creating antibodies to protect your pet from the contagious diseases we intend it to. Each time your pet has a vaccination a full clinical examination will be performed along with discussing the health and wellbeing of your pet at the time.

You can receive a range of pet vaccinations in the comfort of your own home on our roaming vet service. Find out more below or book your appointment today.

Dog vaccinations offered by The Roaming Vet

Core Vaccines

  • D Canine Distemper Virus – usually fatal, incidence has been dramatically reduced since vaccination.
  • H Canine hepatitis viruses – adenovirus 1 and 2 – cause liver disease
  • P Parvovirus – extremely contagious vomiting and diarrhoea, typically fatal in young dogs.
  • Pi Parainfluenza virus – causes an upper respiratory infection that can contribute to the development of kennel cough
  • L4 Leptospirosis (L.icterohaemorrhagiae, L.canicola, L.australis, L.grippotyphosa) – a bacterial disease that can cause kidney and liver failure as well as bleeding problems. Extremely important as this can also be transmitted to people.

How our vaccines work

The initial puppy course is given as a course of two injections, the reason for this is that a puppy’s mother provides them with antibodies for the initial few weeks of life. If these maternal antibodies are still present they would fight the vaccine and not allow the puppy’s own immune system to provide long-term protective antibodies. The time at which these maternal antibodies reduce enough to allow the puppy to make its own defences varies between 6-12 weeks. Therefore 2 injections are given from 6 weeks old 4 weeks apart to allow each puppy to respond properly to the vaccination.

This injection is then repeated at 12 months old to provide long term protection. Following this dogs only require this full vaccine every 3 years for most of the diseases. However, we know that the immune response systems protection against Leptospirosis (which is a bacteria, not a virus) doesn’t last much longer than 12 months so this component of the vaccine is given yearly.

Non-Core Vaccines

Kennel Cough

We advise this vaccine is given to provide some local (nasal) protection against this highly contagious disease which can be problematic in young and old dogs as well as any dog with other illnesses.


The UK is Rabies free, however if you want to take your pet abroad you will have to comply with the EU laws and Pet Passport Travel Scheme.

Core Vaccines

  • C Calicivirus – involved in many cases of cat flu
  • V Panleucopaenia – can cause severe vomiting and diarrhoea or sudden death
  • R Rhinotracheitis – part of the herpes virus family, involved in many cases of cat flu

Non-Core Vaccines

  • FeLV – This is considered a core vaccine if your cat regularly comes into contact with other cats.

Rabbit Vaccinations

Rabbits can be vaccinated against myxomatosis and viral haemorrhagic disease (RHD 1 and RHD 2). This is performed by giving two vaccinations on an annual basis.

Side effects

As with people, vaccinations along with any other medication administered to your pet can cause side effects. Fortunately, serious effects such as anaphylactic reactions are extremely rare. The most frequent side effects reported are lethargy for 24-48 hours, mild fever and a swelling or soreness in the area where the vaccine was administered. We are on hand at any time if you are at all concerned about your pet or any signs they are demonstrated.

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