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Knutsford Vets’ Cat Dental Care Service

At Knutsford Veterinary Surgery we make cat dental hygiene a priority. We offer a comprehensive cat dental care service to support you in maintaining your cat’s oral hygiene. Our Cat Dentists diagnose and treat a large range of dental disease from resorptive lesions to oral cancers. Cat dental care is what we do! 

Benefits of Our Professional Cat Dental Service

Due to cats being prey species, they hide pain and disease really well. A significant portion of dental disease in cats is only identified within a thorough dental exam under general anaesthetic as part of our veterinary cat dental service. At Knutsford Vets, our cat dentists utilise years of experience, specialist equipment and modern treatment methods to ensure the best outcome for your cat.

X-Ray Equipment

High standard x-ray equipment that allows our cat dentists to precisely analyse your cat’s issues.


Knowledge & Experience

Our cat dentists have the experience and expertise to identify dental issues before they become too severe. 



A range of cat dental care procedures that  help maintain your cat’s dental hygiene.

Free Nurse Appointments

We offer personal cat dental nurse appointments to show you how to improve your cat teeth cleaning regime


Effective Treatment

Professional treatment for cat dental issues or infections

Onward Referral Process

 Onward cat dentist referrals or ongoing support for more specialist cat dental problems

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Why is Our Cat Dental Care Service So Important?

Knutsford Veterinary Surgery provides a professional cat dental care service. Plaque naturally builds up on cat’s teeth overtime but our cat dental care service helps to remove this plaque and in turn, prevent inflammation, abscesses and infections. Our experts are here to help. 

What our vets say

Paul Adams MRCVS

Our pet’s dental health can play a big role in helping them maintain a good quality of life. That’s why it’s so important you adopt a good tooth brushing routine and book regular check-ups.

As well as performing dental surgery, we can also offer simple help and guidance through our free nurse consultations to help you maintain your pet’s dental health.

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Cat Dental Care & Cat Teeth Cleaning

At Knutsford Vet’s we are huge believers in preventative cat dental care, which is why Gold Plan members receive 20% off our cat dental cleaning procedures. Our goal is to bridge the gap between the cost of cat dental cleaning and ensuring your cat’s teeth remain healthy. 

We also offer nurse-led tutorials on how to effectively and safely clean your cat’s teeth in order to maintain their dental hygiene. If you worry about bringing your cat into the surgery, why not watch our simple ‘How to video’ on cat dental cleaning from home. 

Accurate Cat Dental X-Rays

We have the best x-ray equipment on the market so we can deliver an unrivalled cat dental care service. This specialist equipment allows us to identify cat dental problems from below and above the gum line. Our X-ray equipment offers amazing detail whilst still being small enough to fit inside cat mouths. 

So, what cat dental problems are we able to diagnose?

Most commonly a problem in cats and found in up to 80% of patients requiring dental treatment. These are very difficult to identify in the conscious patient and common symptoms include pain whilst eating, favouring one side of the mouth, pawing at the mouth and smelly breath.  There are two different types of tooth resorption – type I and type II. The two types are impossible to diagnose without dental x-ray and require very different approaches to treatment. For this reason, dental radiography should be performed in all cats undergoing a dental procedure. 

Often traumatic for cats, tooth fractures cause the risk of root abscesses forming which are very painful. If tooth fractures are noticed quite early on, a tooth could still be treated with the aim of maintaining a healthy tooth but the window for successful treatment is very small. 

Horizontal bone loss is a result of periodontitis which causes inflammation in the mouth. The plaque developed in your cat’s mouth causes the jaw and surrounding bones to weaken, which is also very painful. Seriously affected teeth will need to be removed. 

Most commonly caused by pulp exposure secondary to tooth fracture or worn teeth following chewing of tennis balls or stones. The tooth pulp becomes inflamed and infected causing an abscess at the root, a very painful condition requiring extraction. TOOTH ROOT ABSCESSES NEED DENTAL X-RAY TO BE DIAGNOSED.

These are usually caused by trauma or damage to the bone as a result of root abscess or oral cancer. Locating the injury within the jaw is key to forming a recovery plan.

Oral cavity cancer is the fourth most commonly diagnosed type of feline cancer. Approximately 15-20% of tumours are found in the mouth. In addition to a reduced appetite, signs can include drooling, difficulty in swallowing, halitosis, facial swelling, red and swollen gums, and weight loss. It is not uncommon to pick up oral tumours whilst undertaking cat dental care. If found we commonly take biopsies and dental x-rays to allow accurate diagnosis, prognosis and treatment options.

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