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Choose insurance wisely for gold standard care

Veterinary medicine is rapidly advancing, we can now treat more complex conditions and pets with what used to be life limiting conditions are now being effectively treated into their old age. We now have more advanced diagnostic equipment, more technical surgical procedures and more licensed medications for our pets. Because of this the cost of providing gold standard treatment can be expensive.

We always advise your pet is insured, that way when things go wrong, it is more likely you can elect for gold standard care and we can get your pet back up on their feet in a short space of time.

Insurance advice from your Cheshire vets

There are so many different insurance policies available for your pets, they are all different prices per month and have different levels of cover. Our advice to you is to pick an insurance company when you first have your pet and stay with them long term.

It is really important to pick an insurance policy that gives you ‘cover for life’, this way if your pet develops a condition that is going to be present for a long time your insurance company will not stop cover for this as long as your policy is kept up to date.

We can also sometimes offer a direct claim facility which allows us to claim the cost of your pet’s treatment directly from the insurance company, this requires you to pay your policy excess and an admin fee and we will do the rest for you.

If you need any help or advice about choosing a policy or processing a claim, our team will be more than happy to help you, just give us a call.

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