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We visit Lymm, Hale, Bowdon, Wilmslow, Holmes Chapel, Mobberley and Alderley Edge

We fully understand the needs of our clients and their pets, and for many this can include carrying out veterinary consultations and procedures in the comfort of your own home. Whether for your own convenience or to aide your pet’s wellbeing, home visit vets appointments often make sense.

To book your home visit appointment you will need to arrange in advance and a simple call out fee is included in the cost. There are also a number of appointment types which aren’t possible to be carried out at home, such as emergencies or diagnostic consultations. This page outlines the full range of services that our home visit vets in Cheshire offers.

Home Visit Vets Information

The home veterinary service is designed to take the stress out of visiting the veterinary practice for routine appointments or procedures. Examining a pet in their home environment can help a vet fully understand any problems you have with your pet.

When a pet becomes stressed travelling and in the veterinary environment, adrenaline is released in the body which alters your pet’s behaviour and can mask some clinical signs; for example,  a limping cat that suddenly disappears when they arrive in the practice. One major benefit of at home care is that we are able to observe your cat when they are more relaxed in their home environment and provide them with the necessary cat vaccination to get better.

Scientific studies have demonstrated that a cat’s blood glucose level, which is increased during stressful events, is significantly higher in cats examined in the clinic versus cats examined in a home environment (Nibblett et al., 2015). This study also demonstrated increased hiding behaviours were demonstrated in cats in the clinic.

Find out more about the services that we offer on our home visits service or contact us today to book your appointment.

“Our home visit service offers a convenient option for nervous pets.”

Holly Cooper, Veterinary Nurse

For more information on our home visits service contact us today.


Our home visit vets can carry out basic consultations to meet specific needs or we can simply assess the pets overall wellbeing. General consultations usually last around 30 minutes and assess an 11 point checklist to identify any problems with your pet. The routine checklist includes: –

  1. A discussion to establish how your pet is and the nature of any clinical problem or concern that you have.
  2. Observation of your pet interacting with the environment and a period of getting to know us.
  3. General body condition assessment – this includes body condition scoring and assessment of your pet’s weight.
  4. Examination for parasites, skin and coat condition. Including examination and measurement of any lumps or bumps.
  5. Examination of the eyes, ears, and nose.
  6. Mouth examination checking individual teeth, gum health and for signs of tartar or infection.
  7. Examination of external lymph nodes
  8. Auscultation of the chest including lung fields and heart examination along with palpation of pulses.
  9. Palpation of the organs of the abdomen
  10. Palpation and manipulation of all legs
  11. Measurement of your pet’s temperature if required

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Diagnostic Tests

Although we can’t carry out all diagnostic assessments in the comfort of your own home we can bring certain pieces of equipment with us or collect samples to be tested in our surgery’s in-house laboratory.  Tests that can be carried out include: –

Some of our visual assessments, such as X-Rays will require a surgery appointment. You can discuss your concerns ahead of your visit by contacting our surgery and we’ll advise you if you will be eligible for a home visit appointment.

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We can carry out starter vaccinations for your pet or routine boosters once a year should it be required. We offer vaccinations for dogs, cats and rabbits using our home visit vets service in Cheshire. To find out more about our vaccination program visit the relevant page below: –

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A microchip can be vital for reuniting you with your lost pet in the future. The procedure for inserting a microchip can be carried out on our home visits service. This requires inserting a small chip, the size of a grain of rice, underneath your pets skin. This small chip holds a unique code that is stored on a database and linked with you as owners. It’s also a legal requirement that all dogs are now microchipped in the UK. To find out more about the service visit our Microchipping information page.

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Home visits are great for young or nervous pets. They’ll instantly feel more confident in familiar surroundings.

Puppy Care

New puppy’s require regular veterinary visits in the first months in their new home. Vaccinations, microchipping and other routine appointments are part and parcel of owning any new pet. Home visit appointments often make this sometimes stressful experience easier to manage whilst still getting your puppy used to being held by a vet. Then when the time’s right they can visit the surgery for our puppy workshop. Home visit services that we can offer to puppy’s includes: –

  • Microchipping
  • Vaccinations
  • General wellbeing consultations

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Kitten Care

Just like with the puppy care, kittens also require a range of vaccinations, health checks and microchipping procedures when you welcome them into your new home. All of these are able to be performed on our home visit service in the comfort of your own home. We can also provide worming treatments to ensure they are protected when necessary.

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It’s the hardest decision that we often have to make as pet owners, but putting your pet to sleep when they’re suffering with incurable ailments or severe pain is often the best thing that we can do. Our home visit service is perfect for euthanasia because it allows your pet to be in surroundings where they feel most comfortable with the support of their loving family around them. We can arrange a time that is most suitable for you and you can choose a room that will enable your pet to feel most at ease. Visit our bereavement page to find out more about our careful euthanasia process.

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Minor Procedures

As well as the small procedures already mentioned, we can also carry a number of other minor procedures on our home visit service. Some of the routine veterinary  procedures include: –

  • Wound care if your pet has been injured and regularly needs wounds checking for infection and redressing.
  • Nail clipping service, which can be particularly useful if your pet is uncomfortable with their nails being clipped.
  • Beak trimming for any pet birds which is an important part of maintaining their general health and wellbeing.

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Dietary Advice

When we carry out a routine consultation we will always check your pet’s body form for tell tale signs that they may be overweight or underweight. When a pet is either overweight or underweight we will offer dietary advice that will help them maintain a healthy weight. Advice on weight and diet is part of any consultation at Knutsford Vets Surgery and home visits are no different.

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Dental Care

Our pet’s don’t have the ability to brush their own teeth, so it’s important that as owners we pay close attention to their dental hygiene. Our home visit vets service now allows us to complete a full dental diagnosis in your own home and offer treatment and advice that will keep their teeth healthy. Should extra dental surgery be required you can then book a surgery appointment.

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Pet Passports

Although we’re soon to be leaving the EU, it’s not yet clear what will happen when it comes to our ability to take our pets abroad. Here at Knutsford Vets we can ensure your pet meets all of the Pet Passport requirements and sign the paperwork that will allow you to take you pet away with you on the Pet Travel Scheme (PETS). To make life easier we can now do this as part of our home visit vets service in Cheshire.

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Pregnancy Diagnosis

Breeding your cat or dog can be an anxious time for the whole family, but especially so for the expectant mother to be. Our home visit vets service allows you to carry out ultrasound scans in the comfort of your own home in order to reduce unnecessary stress for your pet. These scans can be as part of your initial pregnancy diagnosis or to ensure that everything is progressing nicely with your pet’s pregnancy.

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