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At Knutsford Vet Surgery, we continually strive to offer the best in pet care. One of the innovative services we provide from our state-of-the-art theatres in Knutsford is keyhole spays, also known as laparoscopic ovariectomy. This blog aims to provide a comprehensive look into what a keyhole spay involves, its benefits and answers to some frequently asked questions.

When Can I Spay My Dog?

One of the most commonly asked questions we get from pet owners is about the timing of the spay procedure. Advice on this topic can vary. As a minimum for dogs, it is advised to wait until 6 months old. Here at Knutsford Vets Surgery we adopt a personalised approach and assess each dog individually. We recommend discussing this with one of our team to decide what’s best for your pet. If opting for a keyhole spay, the timing doesn’t differ significantly from a traditional spay, but the benefits, as outlined in this guide, do make it an appealing option regardless of when you choose to have the procedure done. 

What is a Keyhole Spay?

A keyhole spay is a minimally invasive procedure that serves as an alternative to the routine spaying method. Through the use of advanced surgical techniques and specialised instruments, this procedure enables us to remove just the ovaries. We use a camera to visualise the ovaries, which aids in the precise removal with minimal discomfort for your pet. The entire procedure leaves your pets with two small incisions, ranging from 0.3-1cm, which are glued together. This eliminates the need for suture removal and contributes to a faster recovery period.

Time and Recovery

The keyhole spay takes approximately one hour and in the majority of cases, your pet can go home the same day. This is a significant advantage, especially for pet owners who may be anxious about leaving their pets overnight at a veterinary facility.

Laparoscopy Benefits


Reduced Post-Operative Pain

Since this is a minimally invasive procedure, it naturally results in less pain post-operation, making the experience far less traumatic for your pet.


Quicker Post-Operative Recovery

Most pets can resume their daily activities within 2-3 days, which is remarkably quicker than traditional spaying methods.


Smaller Wounds

With incisions as small as 0.3 – 1cm, the wounds are much easier to manage, reducing the chances of infection.


Lower Risk of Wound Breakdown

Smaller wounds mean that the risk of wound breakdown is significantly lowered, making the post-operative phase much safer.


Reduced Trauma and Inflammation

The minimally invasive nature of the procedure results in less bodily trauma and inflammation, further aiding the recovery process.


Does a Laparoscopic Spay Hurt?

Thanks to its minimally invasive nature, a keyhole spay offers less pain and a better recovery experience for our pets compared to routine spays. This assertion is continually backed by clinical studies.

Is it Safe?

Extensive evidence indicates that keyhole surgery is at least as safe, if not safer, than traditional open surgery. This certainly extends to keyhole spays as well.

How Much Hair is Clipped?

To ensure the area is sterile for surgery, it’s necessary to clip a substantial area of hair on the sides and the belly.

Will a Buster Collar be Required?

Most pets do not pay attention to the wounds because both small incisions are closed with dissolvable stitches under the skin. However, it’s crucial to make sure they don’t lick the wounds, so occasionally a body suit or collar may be required.

Are There Other Benefits?

Absolutely! Faster recovery means less time required for rest at home and fewer post-operative complications. Most pets do not even require a buster collar!

Is the Cost More Than a Routine Spay?

While keyhole spays do come with increased costs due to specialist equipment and staff training, the myriad benefits they offer make them a highly valuable option for pet owners. For specific cost information, we encourage you to speak to us directly.

In conclusion, a keyhole spay is an excellent choice for pet owners looking for a less invasive and more comfortable spaying option for their pets. With numerous benefits like faster recovery, reduced post-surgery care and lower risks of complications, it stands as a testament to the advancements in veterinary science and our commitment to offering the best for your pets.

For more details or to book an appointment, feel free to speak to a member of the Knutsford Vet Surgery team today.

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