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Preventative care for your dog

Vaccinating your puppy is the best way to protect them against some of the common diseases that they may come into contact with throughout their life. Our recommended course of vaccinations will offer your pet the most comprehensive cover available, protecting them against parovirus, adenovirus, distemper, parainfluenza and kennel cough.

Whether you need to administer your puppy’s first course of vaccinations, or you need a booster injection for your adult dog, book an appointment at Knutsford Vets Surgery today. To find out more about our service read our information below. Your animal’s vaccinations can be covered by signing up to our Gold Plan preventive care plan alongside other treatments including worming and an annual veterinary health check

When Should I Book My Puppy’s First Course of Vaccinations?

At Knutsford Vets, we recommend booking your puppy’s vaccination in line with their first primary dog vaccinations from 6 weeks of age. We currently stock Canigen DHP, Lepto 2 and Canigen KC vaccinations.

The first dose should be administered between weeks 6 and 8, followed by a second vaccination 2 to 4 weeks later. Your puppy should be at least 10 weeks of age before their second dose. Puppies can socialise 2 weeks after their second vaccine, and go near watercourses after 3 weeks.

We have made a Puppy Timeline to help know what you need to do and when during this busy time.

How Often Does My Dog Require Booster Injections?

We follow the most up to date vaccination protocols for all of our dog vaccination procedures. Depending on the type of  booster, some will be administered annually and others will be delivered every third year. This is based on how long immunity lasts with certain parts of the vaccinations. 

How Are Puppy Vaccinations Administered?

Typically, most vaccinations are completed using injections via a needle. Our experienced nurses will help to calm your puppy as much as possible before administering the jab in the most stress free method possible. The kennel cough vaccine is administered as a squirt up the nose using a nasal spray.

Paul Adams MRCVS

We use the most comprehensive combination of vaccines to keep your dog as healthy as possible throughout their life

Dr Paul Adams, Lead Vet

Protect your dog from a range of serious illnesses and make huge savings by signing up to Gold Plan.

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Routine Dog Vaccinations

Diseases that we protect against are detailed below.

Canine adenovirus can cause respiratory disease and one strain can cause canine infectious hepatitis (inflammation of the liver) which can lead to problems with blood clotting and liver failure.

Parvovirus can cause severe gastroenteritis with blood in the dog’s faeces, sadly despite intensive treatment, this can often be fatal, especially in very young puppies.

Parainfluenza is involved in the occurrence of kennel cough, causing respiratory signs such as coughing.

Leptospirosis is a disease which can affect people as well as dogs. In dogs it can cause kidney and liver damage and in the most severe cases this can be fatal. Not only is it important we protect our dogs from this disease but also our owners.

Canine distemper virus can be seen in different forms. This ranges from a mild upper respiratory infection to an extremely severe body-wide infection. Symptoms include coughing, difficulty breathing, vomiting and diarrhoea which can then progress to severe neurological signs including seizures, in coordination or paralysis.

Additionally we advise using a vaccine that is given via drops in the nose against Bordetella bronchiectasis. This provides local protection against kennel cough which can be caused by Bordetella. Note that the vaccine doesn’t completely prevent kennel cough, but it will reduce the time that the symptoms last and reduce their severity.

Home visit vaccinations

If your pet get’s stressed out easily or you don’t have access to transport, why not use our home visits service for your next vaccinations. Find out more on our home visit vets page.

Save money on vaccinations with Gold Plan

Vaccinations are covered as standard on our Gold Plan, costing just £13.99 per month for dogs. Find out more about the full range of features and see how you could save on your pets preventative healthcare.

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