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Almost all dog owners will have to use a spot on flea treatment at some stage during their pet’s life. They are the most effective products to treat a flea problem and they are also incredibly easy to use once you know how. This video from your team here at Knutsford Veterinary Surgery should give you a helping hand.  Flea treatment is included in our Pet Gold Plan which is a great option and is supplied in oral tablet form.

How do spot on flea treatments work?

Spot on medicines work as an insecticide that kills off fleas on your cat or dog. Once you apply the treatment, the natural oils in their skin distribute the substance around their body. The pesticide chemical in the treatment remains in their hair follicles and continues to be release after the initial application. It kills fleas almost instantly, causing them to become paralysed and die.

Other tips from your Cheshire vet’s

Although the video shows you everything that you need to know in order to apply your spot-on flea treatment, these additional pointers might also be of assistance: –

  • Don’t forget to remove your dog’s collar before applying the treatment, this may affect its application.
  • The reason you apply it to the back of their neck is to prevent them itching it away, this is important for its even distribution.
  • Use the recommended dose on each dog, don’t share pipettes if you have more than one dog.
  • Wait 24 hours before bathing your dog to ensure the solution is distributed properly.

You can find more advice and instructional videos like this one on our vets advice page and across the site. To make make an appointment, book online now or to make Knutsford Veterinary Surgery your new vets in Cheshire, register your pet today.

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