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Knutsford Vets shocked, but not surprised at latest pet obesity findings

We all like to show our dogs the love that they deserve, but could what you’re feeding them be seriously damaging their health? That’s the question that we’re asking pet owners across the region following the latest research conducted by vet care charity, PDSA.

According to research by the charity, a massive 5.5 million cats, dogs and rabbits are fed treats every day. Luxuries that owners admitted to feeding their pets included cake, chocolate, biscuits, chips, takeaway scraps and, most shocking of all, alcohol.

Over indulgence can play its part in shortening any animal’s lifespan and although most pet owners are cautious it’s important that you are aware of the damage you could be doing. Conditions linked to poor diet include diabetes, heart disease and cancer. Pets can also develop arthritis and other joint problems as a direct result of being overweight.

Advice from your Cheshire Vets

Here at Knutsford Vets in Cheshire we’re always keen to offer owners advice and we’ve played our part in helping some obese pets over the years. Dr Rachel Caines, one of the lead vets at the surgery, believes that owners need to try and resist those puppy dog eyes and use some common sense.

“We all like to treat our animals, but often the little treats here and there add up,” said Rachel. “When dogs see you eating human food, it’s their instinct to want some, but you have to resist in order to prevent health problems down the line.”

Aside from a little over indulgence here and there, Rachel was also shocked at the type of foods that owners were serving their pets. As well as being bad for their weight, many of the foods were also poisonous to animals.

“Many owners are unaware that chocolate is poisonous for dogs as well as being bad for their weight and some takeaways contain unwanted additives such as MSG. On top of this, whilst dogs may appear to like alcohol it causes extreme problems for their health.”

Doggy diet information from Knutsford Vets in Cheshire

Knutsford Vets in Cheshire have provided owners across the region with advice on how to help their obese animals return to a healthy weight. If you’re concerned that your pet could be overweight then you should contact our team before it becomes too late.

We can provide owners with effective diet plans as well as advice on how much they should be walking and exercising their animals. To book an appointment with our Cheshire vets team contact us today on 01565 337999.

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