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What To Do When You Find a Stray Dog

Report a lost or found dog in Knutsford

Cheshire East Council have published information on their website advising what to do when stray dogs are found. Below is a brief synopsis of what to do when you find a stray dog, and who to contact.

Policy for Stray Dogs Found Within the Cheshire East Borough

During Office Hours (9am - 5pm):

Any members of the public that find a stray dog during office hours (9 am – 5 pm) should contact the dog warden on the following contact number:

0300 1235021

The dog warden will keep the dog for 7 days until the owner collects them. If the dog is not collected within the 7 days then arrangements will be made to re-home the dog. The dog warden operates a non-destruction policy. 

Outside office hours

Any members of the public that find a stray dog outside of office hours and before 9pm should take the stray dog to the following address: 

Acorn Kennels 
Heath Road, 
SY13 2AA

Telephone: 01948 662931 (8am-6pm)

Mobile: 07870 217617 (6pm-8am)

Please note: outside of normal working hours, Knutsford Veterinary Surgery are unable to scan stray animals for microchips or kennels.

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