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Knutsford Vets Quick Guide to Blue-green Algae in Tatton Park:  

We are blessed in Knutsford to have Tatton Park on our doorstep, the perfect escape into the fresh air and the great outdoors.  Our Team of vets here at Knutsford Veterinary Surgery all have Tatton at the the top of their list for dog walks.

The open waters of the many meres across the Tatton Park estate are a very tempting playground for our dogs while out on walk, especially when the temperatures rise and it might seem a nice place to cool off.  As the days start to grow longer and warmer, there is one thing that lurks in the waters of Tatton Park that we have to be very aware of and keep our eyes peeled for, that’s Blue-green Algae.

What is Blue-green Algea?

Blue-Green Algae also known as cyanobacteria, is a type of bacteria that is found in inland waters, estuaries and also in the sea. It’s extremely relevant to us here in the Tatton area as the waters of Tatton Park feature this bacteria. Typically more common mid-to-late summer but it’s important to be vigilant all year round.


Blue-green algae
Blue-green algae on the surface of a lake


Toxic blooms form on the surface of the water in a Blue-green colour, which is where it gets its name.  The advice from Tatton Park and the estate management is NOT to allow dogs to bathe or paddle in the Meres or any Tatton Park waters, this not only is for conservation reasons but to avoid the risk of illness for your dog.  The Blue-green algae in the Tatton water is harmful as we can see from a case study where Baily the Staffie cross was saved after ingesting the contaminated water.

We hope this short guide will help you keep your pet safe and enjoy the beautiful Tatton Park pastures without the need for any emergency vet treatment.

Things to remember: 

  • Avoid letting your dog swim or bathe in the waters of Tatton Park no matter how tempting this may be.
  • Downwind shores can be the worst affected areas, upwind waters can often be clear of the blooms but the wind will move blooms into concentrated areas downwind.
  • Do not drink the water or allow your dog to drink the water from the meres of Tatton park, we know this is easier said than done, however fresh water from a travel carrier is the best option for your dog to ensure no health issues arise.
  • If your dog is exposed to Blue-green algae, wash them off with fresh water as soon as possible, seek advice from your vet and monitor your pet closely.


Please remember the visible blooms are harmful to animals and humans so look after yourself as well as your four legged friends, exposure to the toxins may lead to symptoms such as skin rashes, nausea, vomiting, stomach pains, headaches, fever and in severe cases, liver and brain damage. We ask you to please take care while out enjoying all the landscape of Tatton Park.

As always you can contact us with any questions you may have related to this.


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