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Bringing your pet into the veterinary practice for a routine check-up or when you have noticed a problem or a change in them can be a stressful and upsetting experience for both your pet and you as an owner. If you struggle to get your cat in the same room as the cat carrier or your dog puts the brakes on and won’t walk into the practice you aren’t alone. However, there is now an alternative. Introducing our home visit vet service.

 puppy on sofa waiting for home visit vets

Home visit vet service

The home veterinary service is designed to take the stress out of visiting the veterinary practice for routine appointments or procedures. Examining a pet in their home environment can help a vet fully understand any problems you have with your pet.

When a pet becomes stressed travelling and in the veterinary environment, adrenaline is released in the body which alters your pet’s behaviour and can mask some clinical signs; for example,  a limping cat that suddenly disappears when they arrive in the practice. One major benefit of at home care is that we are able to observe your cat when they are more relaxed in their home environment and provide them with the necessary cat vaccination to get better.

Scientific studies have demonstrated that a cat’s blood glucose level, which is increased during stressful events, is significantly higher in cats examined in the clinic versus cats examined in a home environment (Nibblett et al., 2015). This study also demonstrated increased hiding behaviours were demonstrated in cats in the clinic.


 Home visit vet procedure

The Roaming vet can perform most routine consultations and procedures in the comfort of your own home. All home consultations last approximately 30 minutes, during this time mobile vets will assess the behaviour and medical history of the pet.

Mobile vets will have all the equipment necessary to examine the pet’s physical conditions and provide the right vaccinations. This procedure can include; Booster vaccinations, issuing pet passports, eye and ear examinations, microchipping, nail clipping and blood pressure monitoring.

Additionally, other diagnostic tests such as blood sampling could be done by vets in order to understand vital information about your pet’s internal organ conditions. Furthermore, skin sampling is another popular diagnostic procedure that helps vets understand skin conditions in dogs. 

So if you’re pet is difficult to get into the practice, gets upset by other pets in the waiting room or just find it difficult to travel to the practice because you can’t find someone to look after the kids then give the Roaming vet a call and we will schedule a home visit vet to come see you .

We currently offer appointments on a Monday with Marcus and Friday with Paul. Find out more about our home visit vet consultations.


Nibblett, B.M., Ketzis, J.K., Grigg, E.K., 2015. Comparison of stress exhibited by cats examined in a clinic versus a home setting, Applied Animal Behaviour Science, 173, pp.68-75.


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