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Dog Eating Carrot

A Vegan Dog Diet?

We take An Objective Look at a Vegan Dog Diet. The topic of vegan diets for dogs is one that has grown in popularity and controversy over recent years. As more people adopt a plant-based lifestyle, many are also considering similar dietary changes for their canine companions. But is a…

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Cost Of Vets Fees

The Cost of Vets Fees

In recent news The Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) launched an investigation into the £2 billion veterinary industry, focusing on transparency in pricing, consumer experience, and market dynamics. With a whopping two-thirds of UK households owning a pet, the outcome of this review has the potential to impact millions of…

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Poppy’s New home

When I first arrived here at Knutsford Veterinary Surgery we had a stray rabbit found in an open field nearby that was looking for a new home. Poppy was initially nicknamed ‘houdini’ in the practice due to his escaping abilities. One of our lovely clients heard about our stray and…

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Why is my dog losing weight?

As with any animal, it is important that your dog maintains a healthy weight to give them the best chance of living a long and healthy life. Noticing that your dog is losing weight can be alarming and worrying, and trying to find out why they are losing weight isn’t…

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