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Common signs of dental disease in pets

Learn to spot the obvious signs today Dental disease is common in cats and dogs. If left untreated it can cause serious issues for your pet’s health beyond just their mouth. There are a number of signs that your pet could have an issue with their teeth or gums, we’ve…

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6 Illnesses Caused By Poor Dental Health In Pets

Our pets dental health is vital to their general wellbeing. Strong healthy teeth ensure they can enjoy a balanced and nourishing diet, whilst being able to groom and play in a normal manner. Unfortunately, if your pet’s dental health begins to slip, it could lead to a number of illnesses,…

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Pet Weight Loss: Why does your pet’s weight matter?

Everything you need to know to get your pet to a healthy weight Healthy eating is a priority for many in January and here at Knutsford Vets, we’re encouraging owners to think the same for their pet. Your pet’s weight and diet is highly important for them to maintain a…

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Christmas Dangers for Pets

Ensuring a Happy Christmas for pets and owners Christmas is a time for giving, but when it comes to pets you can never be too cautious about what they can and can’t eat. It might be difficult to resist those puppy dog eyes when you’re gorging on your own Christmas…

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Dry eye in dogs – everything you need to know

Protect your dog from keratoconjunctivitis sicca Our dog’s eyes connect them to the world. They help them bond with other dogs and humans and ensure they have the confidence to navigate their environment. Unfortunately though, from time to time, they may experience issues and ailments that can impact their eye…

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