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Can Dogs Get Hayfever?

Useful advice during high pollen season The warmer weather in the spring and summer often brings about higher pollen counts and hay fever for many humans, causing inconvenience and discomfort. Around one in five people in the UK are affected by hay fever, but can dogs get hay fever too?…

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Can Cats Get Hayfever?

A common question asked by cat owners in the summer Rising temperatures, sunny weather and longer days bring happiness for many after the long British winter, but for those with hay fever, it can be something to dread. Warmer dry weather brings an increase in the pollen count and can…

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Common signs of dental disease in pets

Learn to spot the obvious signs today Dental disease is common in cats and dogs. If left untreated it can cause serious issues for your pet’s health beyond just their mouth. There are a number of signs that your pet could have an issue with their teeth or gums, we’ve…

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6 Illnesses Caused By Poor Dental Health In Pets

Our pets dental health is vital to their general wellbeing. Strong healthy teeth ensure they can enjoy a balanced and nourishing diet, whilst being able to groom and play in a normal manner. Unfortunately, if your pet’s dental health begins to slip, it could lead to a number of illnesses,…

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Pet Weight Loss: Why does your pet’s weight matter?

Everything you need to know to get your pet to a healthy weight Healthy eating is a priority for many in January and here at Knutsford Vets, we’re encouraging owners to think the same for their pet. Your pet’s weight and diet is highly important for them to maintain a…

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