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As temperatures across the Cheshire region reach the 30 degree mark it’s important that we take necessary measures to keep our dogs cool during the heat wave. The recent weather will leave many people feeling clammy and lethargic and our pets are no different. This advice from your Cheshire vets will keep your dog safe in the hot weather.

Keep them hydrated

Any pet owner will know when their dog wants water. If they are dehydrated their tongue will drop from its mouth, their head will stand slightly low and they will be panting. You should always ensure there is water available for your dog if you go on long walks and make use of any water on your route. If you’re going out in the car make sure you take a water bowl with you and don’t tie your pet up anywhere without water in reach.

Don’t leave you dog in a car – under any circumstances

Dogs die in cars on hot days. Although most dog owners understand the downright cruelty of leaving a dog in a car during hot weather, it still happens. If the weather is 30 degrees outside, the temperature can rise as high as 45 degrees inside, would you want to sit in that? Whatever the circumstances there is absolutely no excuse to leave your dog in the car on a hot summers day, even with a gap in the window.

Let your dog cool down

On hot days your dog will get hot and sweaty just like humans do. You should let your dog cool down by hosing them or letting them take a dip in streams or ponds. Water will bring down their core temperature and ensure they don’t overheat. You should also make use of any shade if they are sitting around for a long time so that they don’t bake in the sun.

Shorten your walks

If you usually go on a long walk with your dog then you should shorten the distance during particular hot days and always walk at their pace.

As one of the leading Cheshire vets, Knutsford Veterinary Surgery are on hand day and night in the event of any medical emergency resulting from the recent hot weather. For questions or advice, contact us on 01565 337999 or email paul@knutsford.vet

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