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Laser Therapy for Dogs

Laser Therapy for Dogs: Is It the Right Choice for Your Dog? Watching our beloved pets grapple with pain is never easy and naturally, we seek every available avenue to provide them relief. Enter Laser…

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Keyhole Spay

Keyhole Spays at Knutsford Vet Surgery

At Knutsford Vet Surgery, we continually strive to offer the best in pet care. One of the innovative services we provide from our state-of-the-art theatres in Knutsford is keyhole spays, also known as laparoscopic ovariectomy.…

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What Does Acupuncture Do for Dogs and Cats?

Acupuncture is increasingly recognised as a useful complement to more traditional medical or surgical approaches in veterinary and human medicine. In this article we discuss the benefits of acupuncture for dogs and cats, its safety,…

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Does my Dog Have a Parasite?

At some point in their life, your dog may experience the discomfort caused by parasites. Some parasites such as ticks and fleas are fairly easy to spot, but what about those that are internal and…

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Why is my dog losing weight?

As with any animal, it is important that your dog maintains a healthy weight to give them the best chance of living a long and healthy life. Noticing that your dog is losing weight can…

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Why Does My Dog Have Flaky Skin?

Why does my dog have flaky skin? In general, dogs are clean animals who take pride in looking after their coat. Because of this, if you notice that your dog has dry flaky skin or…

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