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About Samantha

Samantha is a part of the wonderful reception team at Knutsford Vets. She is one of the friendly faces you first meet at the surgery and she’ll deal with any questions you have. Although she doesn’t have any specific training in the field yet, she will be completing receptionist training to ensure a high quality service to all clients.

Her daily activities include answering the phone, speaking to clients, booking in consultations, ordering medications for clients and answering emails. Her favourite part of the role is getting to meet so many amazing animals and owners who clearly care for them so much. Samantha has helped rehabilitate some manatees and released them back into the wild, they are pretty heavy!

Samantha is host to a lot of animals, a rescue dog called Satsuki, 2 cats called Howl and Arrietty and a lizard called Twig, and of course her 80,000 bees in her beehive! She also has plenty of hobbies including sewing outfits and costumes, baking, playing video games and Dungeons and Dragons, making her garden into a wildlife sanctuary, photography, archery and caving.

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