Do you have a new puppy?

Here at Knutsford Vets we have the pleasure of working with Kennel Club registered trainer, Nigel Woodall who is knowledgable in all things puppy training related!

Nigel is a local dog trainer, passionate about all things canine and runs training classes under the guidelines of the Kennel Club Good Citizen Dog Training Scheme.

In addition to this he is a Kennel Club Examiner and has worked to correct canine behavioural problems in all areas, with much success.

Many of the behavioural problems seen in dogs relate back to formative experiences from when they are young that can occur without owners even being aware of them. We are keen, therefore to extend Nigel’s knowledge to our clients with new puppies and offer the basic principles of puppy training, socialisation and the dog’s place in the family.

Is your puppy training open to non-clients?

Price: £30 per 3 week course (pups on our Puppy Head Start Scheme get £10 off) and the workshop is open to clients and non-clients alike.

What is covered in the puppy workshop?

The sessions will be run in conjunction with one of the veterinary team enabling owners to have individual time discussing vaccinations, worming regimes, neutering and general health concerns.

To register your interest please email us at or ring us on 01565 337999

I asked Nigel to meet Toby, my spaniel, after he chased a cat onto the main road. I was unable to get him to come when called and worried what harm he would come to whilst off the lead. Nigel has been able to ensure he returns to my heel whenever asked and Toby enjoys his walks more since I have the confidence to let him roam without restraint. I would highly recommend his training sessions – Lucie Reese