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Book your appointment today to make visiting the vets less stressful

We are introducing bespoke confidence clinics for those pets who find visiting the vet a frightening and fearful experience. We have introduced these clinics in a bid to build the confidence of our more nervous patients and support their owners who can often be just as worried about bringing their pet to the practice.

How our Confidence Clinics can help

The clinic’s aim is to build a bond between the team and the pet so that a clinical exam or being examined by a member of the team is a less frightening experience. Research has demonstrated a large proportion of dogs display signs of fear at all stages of the veterinary visit.

  • 60% of dogs showed signs of fear upon entering the veterinary practice
  • 28.9% of dogs were highly stressed in waiting rooms and showed signs of resistance when going inside the consultation room
  • 78.5% of dogs displayed fear during the consultation, particularly during examination on the treatment table

Sometimes fear, aggression and anxiety can be so strong that pets can lash out, bark, use complete avoidance, and heavily pant, all behaviours they never show at home.

What to expect from the clinics?

The team hopes by using positive reinforcement techniques and investing time, patience and a little bit of love to these individuals, our final goal will be to perform a full health examination without fear or anxiety and hopefully change their perception of coming to the vets.

We’ll do this by using a mixture of techniques that are tailored to your animals individual behaviour and personality. This could involve a visit for your pet to collect a treat or some playful bonding with one of our nurses. We try to formulate each individual case separately to find a solution that helps your animal feel more comfortable in our environment.

To find out more about our nurse led, Confidence Clinics contact us today on 01565 337 999.

Our confidence clinics can make visiting the vets less stressful for pet and owner alike

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